Design Process

Our Approach

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to design. Our design process varies depending on the the kind of design service we’re providing and your needs.

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Regardless of the kind of service you choose, we start by getting to know your industry and business goals. During this part of the process, we may do research and conduct interviews. We’ll look at what’s going well, to make sure we don’t disrupt areas where you’re already successful. We’ll do site audits and look for areas where you can improve.


Here, we take what we learned from research into brainstorming sessions so that we can begin to plan and design solutions tailored to your business needs. During this phase, we present reports, design briefs, and our recommendations for a pathway forward. We’ll come up with a plan for launching your new site so that it is least disruptive to your business.

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Design & Build

During this part of the process, we make our ideas tangible by creating sketches, wireframes, and in some cases working prototypes.

Remembering that we design for your users, and your business goals, we work closely with you to design what works for your business. You’re always part of the design team! We get things right when we collaborate. Your input is invaluable to the process.


Once you sign-off on our designs we will build and launch your new site. We want to be the go-to- designers you can rely on to get the job done right. So, we’ll keep in touch periodically to see how things are going, and answer questions if you get stuck.

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  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design is a way of designing websites so that they look good on any device. When you stop to consider that more than 50% of users will visit your site on a mobile device, it’s easy to see how vital it is to give mobile users a pleasant experience.

  • Brand Strategy

    More than just a logo, Brand Strategy can make your business memorable in the minds of your users. It helps build loyal followers and brand ambassadors.

  • Content Strategy

    Content Strategy refers to the what, why, when, and how you deliver brand messages to your customers. It’s important to develop unique messages for each part of your customer’s journey.

  • Website SEO

    Having a well-designed website is not enough to get your customers to show up at your doorstep or on your site. Search Engine Optimization is how we help your customers find your local or online business.

  • Customer/User Experience

    We design for business goals, Google, and your end-users or customers. The magic happens where those three things overlap. When we create enjoyable experiences for users, they stick around longer, and you have a better chance of marketing your products or services.

  • Visual Design

    A strong visual presence that reinforces your brand can help make with brand recall and brand recognition. People remember color and images more freely than words. Good Visual Design can also help you stand out in a crowded field.


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