Success by Design!

We leverage expert design, business strategy, and website SEO to create state-of-the-art websites that help small businesses level up and realize their dreams!

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Success by Design!

At Nerdsy, our passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs win a competitive advantage on the web. What makes us unique is our holistic approach to design. We leverage impeccable visual design, human-centered design, branding strategy, and content strategy, as well as website search engine optimization, to create cutting-edge websites that help small businesses stand out and prosper!

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Build Your Brand!

Brand strategy is the foundation for marketing. It’s hard to build a house without a sturdy foundation, and it’s equally hard to do successful marketing without one. After all, business websites are a kind of marketing tool.

Successful Brands Deliver!

A well-thought-out brand strategy can help move the needle of success. Here are some advantages of strong branding:

  • Customer recall and recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Allows you to expand
  • Makes it easier communicate your brand


The average increase in revenue from consistent branding

3-4 X

Consistent branding results in 3-4 times more visibility


Over 62% of marketers cite strong branding as their most effective marketing strategy


The percentage of people who follow at least one brand on social media

Content Strategy and Website SEO

Content Strategy & Website SEO

Content strategy is about how you deliver brand messages to your customers. Before they do anything else, your customers interact with your content. So, it’s vital to have a content strategy that delivers precise messages for each part of the customer journey.

Website search engine optimization is content strategy’s best friend. Used well, both work hand-in-hand to help boost brand awareness. While content strategy assists your efforts to convey meaningful and timely brand messages, website SEO helps your customers find you. SEO helps deliver the message.


Organic SEO search results get over 90% more clicks than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


Since SEO is free advertising, it helps to stretch your ad budget, improving your marketing return-on-investment.


Seventy to eighty percent of searchers ignore paid ads in favor of organic search results


Seventy-two percent of those who search for something local visit a store within a day.

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Human Centered Design

Having great business, content, and SEO strategies in place accounts for a sizable chunk of what it takes to succeed in today’s digital landscape. The other part is meeting customer needs and creating enjoyable experiences.

At Nerdsy Solutions, we keep your customers front-and-center as we design. From interviews, observation, research, testing, and applying well-tested best practices, we create websites that keep people coming back for more.


Eighty-six percent of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.


Fifty-seven percent of customers wont recommend a website with a poor mobile experience


Seventy-two percent of customers will share a positive brand experience with a least six other people


Fifty-five percent of those polled said that a frustrating experience on a website makes them think less of the brand.

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Beautiful Websites Begin Here

Visual Design is a form of brand expression. At Nerdsy, we’re meticulous about making sure that the look and feel of your website syncs with your brand identity. 

Outstanding visual design is how we create a comfortable space that encourages exploration. We use it as a strategy to get potential customers to stick around long enough to kick the tires and take what you offer for a test drive. 

50 ms

 In about 50 milliseconds people judge the credibility of a business, based solely on the visual appearance of its website.

2.6 s

The time it takes to make a 2nd impression. A good second impression helps customers decide whether or not to stick around. 


75% of consumers  judge the credibility of a business based on the appearance of its website.


Thirty-eight percent of people will stop engaging with a site if its visual presentation is not attractive.

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Let’s Do This!

Big or small, we give each project we work on an equal measure of curiosity and creative energy. Whether you need a redesign or a brand new site, we’re here to help. We provide our services based on what you need, so while some may need the works, others may only need help with website SEO. Either way, we’d love to talk to you about your project!

Your path to success starts here!


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